Industry 4.0 | MES system

Authentig | Monitoring

Authentig | Monitoring

High-performance industrial and production data acquisition for any machines in series production

  • Increase profit | Reduce waste and machine downtimes
  • Make decisions at the push of a button | Always generate up-to-date OEE and KPI
  • Optimize production processes | Eliminate weaknesses in the production
  • Reduce energy costs | Visualize the energy consumption of machines

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Authentig | Planning

Authentig | Planning

Fully graphic, multi-stage production planning system

  • Customers order within short periods | Fast planning results at the push of a button
  • The multi-level planning grid | Scheduling of interrelated work processes
  • Standard interface to ERP | Order and master data, alarm and process data
  • Personnel shortage | Visualize personnel demand, promptly identify shortages

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Authentig | Quality Process

Authentig | Process

Gapless recording and documentation of quality for parts characteristic and process

  • Product liability | Complete documentation of data for processes and parts
  • Analyze scrap | Critical analysis of process and part
  • Prevent scrap | Identification of trends, early optimization of processes
  • Increase productivity | Continuous improvement process (KVP)

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Authentig | Quality Measuring

Authentig | Quality Measuring

Statistic process control of parts parameters

  • Manually final inspection | Work with a fixed workflow
  • Create Inspection schedules | Illustrated step-by-step instruction
  • Central administration| All inspection results in a summary
  • All test records within a touch of a button | Act quick on quality demands

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Authentig | Quality Console

Authentig | Quality Console

Generate order, reduce paperwork

  • Simplified Display | Role-based Workflow
  • Optimized for easy working steps| Input of downtime notification
  • Group terminal for more machines | Enter scrap information
  • Retrieve production jobs | Start, stop, split production jobs
  • Step for Step maintenance instruction | Values are collected automatically
  • Provide documents | Keep important information present
Authentig | Setup

Authentig | Setup

Visualize and archive settings data

  • Saving settings data records | Save valuable knowledge
  • No limits | Store and archive any number of settingsndata records
  • Clarity creates confidence | Quick access to appropriate settings data
  • Comparison between old and current version | Differences are highlighted

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Authentig | Maintenance

Authentig | Maintenance

Quality assurance and high availability due to preventative measure / maintenance

  • keep continues quality of the production | Additional services with deposited maintenance schedules
  • automatically observation of maintenance intervals | Based on running hours log
  • don’t miss maintenance obligations | Recognize maintenance obligation before they take effect.
  • allows a maintenance logbook | Maintenance proof sand certification

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Authentig | Reporting

Authentig / Reporting

Flexibel und schnell zu aussagekräftigen Reporten und Analysen

  • Reporte für OEE und KPI | über Schichten, Tage, Wochen, Monate,…
  • Entscheidungshilfe für Investitionen | Kennzahlen werden vergleichbar
  • Report auf Knopfdruck | vorgefertigte Reporte für schnelle Analyse
  • Report Designer | eigene Reporte selbst gestalten

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Authentig | Production Monitor

Direct access to production | production at a glance

  • Focus on the production | Operating figures for employees
  • Production as an image factor | Modern, large displays with OEE and KPI
  • Information about the status of production | Order progress and productivity
  • Courage to create transparency | Everyone knows about the quality of your work, including the customers

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Authentig | Energy

Authentig / Energy

Energy optimization guaranteed

  • Energy from fossil fuels will not be available forever | make energy consumptions visible
  • Peak-load energy is expensive | reduce energy costs by means of energy-optimized planning
  • Optimize the energy consumption of machines | controlled starting and warming-up processes
  • Start signal for “Green Production” | production with state-of-the-art technology – strengthen your image

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Authentig |Analyzer

Authentig | Analyzer

Making decisions at the push of a button guaranteed

  • Cockpit for OEE, KPI | for shift, day, month and year
  • Help with decision-making for investments | key data can be compared
  • Stay abreast of globalization | comparison of factories (OEE, KPI)
  • Inter-divisional key data | access to several data sources

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Authentig | Mobile

Authentig | Mobile

Production on your smart phone

  • Online summary of the production(s) on smartphones, tablets and internet-browsers
  • Essential key data such as productivity, cycle time, reject rate or degree of efficiency
  • Access to production data can be granted to any number of smartphones
  • Executable and configurable on any new generation smartphones and Tablets

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